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Neurological Recovery

In our rehab gym, we take a versatile approach with corrective exercises essential for neurological recovery. We offer multiple styles of vibration therapy, a variety of electrical stimulation modalities, and even aquatic therapy in a heated pool. While treating the body as a "whole" we not only focus on strengthening and building endurance in order to maximize independence. A healthy body accompanied by a healthy mind is the secret to increase quality of life. During neuro recovery, the healing process goes so much further than just physical therapy. While we push each other to our physical limits, we focus on the mental health that is so often neglected during the recovery process. These practices could include yoga, meditation and different breathing exercises. More importantly it includes our close knit tribe of adaptive individuals that accompany one and other in their journey and hold each other accountable every step of the way!

Thanks to awesome donors and an amazing support system this facility was made possible!


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